Invoice advances

Flexible way to
get paid instantly

Financing that works the way your business does - advance any approved but unpaid invoice.

Simple rate, fast deposit

Rates are determined by your client's profile, started at 1% every 10 days outstanding and deposited in 1-3 business days.

Automatic repayment

Fluid is not a loan, making repayment simple. Your client processes payment normally, accounting for your advance.

No minimums, no obligation

Whether you're a small agency or growing into a large one, Fluid provides on-demand advances on your cash flow.

How it works

Getting started with advanced payments

Once you're signed up, enjoy never having to wait on a payment again


Share your invoice

Sign up for your account and share your unpaid invoice(s) with your client. Fluid will alert you when your invoice is approved.


Take your advance

Once your invoice is approved by your client it is immediately available for withdraw and routed to the bank account you specified.


Client pays normally

Repayment is simple. Your client processes the invoice payment through Fluid, accounting for your advance.

Are there any additional fees?

There are no additional fees to take an advance. There is no origination fee, no minimums and no monthly obligation to take an advance.

More about advances

What if my client doesn't pay?

Fluid assumes the risk from the payments you advance. In the event that your client does not pay your invoice, Fluid takes the loss.

You're covered by payment protection

How do I qualify?

You automatically qualify. Rather than looking at your business, we look at the clients that you invoice to qualify you for an advance.

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Will you contact my client?

We value your client relationships. We will never contact any of your clients without written permission from you or your company.

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Our partners work with great companies

Join them and never worry about another payment.