On time Payments

Control payments to
grow your business

Fluid provides the clarity and control you need to get your invoices paid on time by your clients.

Integrated payment options

Automatically accept checks, ACH, credit and debit cards through your Fluid account - free for you and your team.

Amplify your workflow

Connect you and your team accounting, invoicing and timekeeping work flow to process and integrate your data.

No contracts, no obligation

With Fluid you can come and go any time you choose. There are no standing contracts and no obligations.

How it works

Getting started with on time Payments

A payment workflow that gets you paid on time


Share your invoice

Sign up for your account and share your unpaid invoices with your client. Fluid will alert you when your client takes an action.


Invoice is Approved

Your client approves that your work is complete and agrees to pay within the contracted time period.


Client pays through Fluid

Payment is simple. Your client processes payment with the instructions provided on your invoice and in your Fluid account.

How does my client pay?

Fluid will provide you with account instructions specific to you. When your client wants to process payment, they simply click your invoice link and process payment.

Payment processing

What if my client is late?

We will notify your client well before they are able to process a late payment. When late payments arise, we often make sure that each party understands their obligation.

Client communication

Is my information secure?

Security is a top priority for us. We make sure that we follow the strictest security guidelines to provide bank-level data security.

Information security

Is there any limit?

We do not have a limit on the number of invoices or payments you can process. We do not want to limit your ability to get paid.

Processing restrictions

Our partners work with great companies

Join them and never worry about another payment.